Different Types Of Delonghi Coffee Machines

Although there are a lot of coffee machine manufacturer’s around these days, by far the best are the Delonghi coffee machines. Over the years the manufacturer has become known for its excellent quality and reliability. Delonghi is an Italian company that was founded way back in 1902. This means that they have a long history when it comes to coffee, which is why the Delonghi coffee machines are so renowned today. They now produce a wide range of machines to suit all coffee drinkers, but this may be confusing to some people on what is the best for them. So below is each type of machine explained in more detail.


Ground Coffee

One of the most well-known kinds of Delonghi coffee machines are those that use filtered ground coffee. These use ready ground coffee, which can either be bought fresh, in a packet, or if you have your own grinder, then you can make your own. A filter machine is where you add water to a holder, and then add the ground coffee to the filter.

Once the machine is switched on, the water heats up, and is then drip fed through the ground coffee. This helps to release the coffee flavor in a controlled manner. Most ground coffee machines will keep the coffee warm for hours. Delonghi offer systems where you can control the temperature of the coffee, and you can adjust this to your own acquired taste.


These machines have become extremely popular this century as more and more coffee shops opened up, and people started to want to have espresso’s in the home. These machines work differently to the ground coffee varieties, as they rely on pressure. Cold water is poured into the storage container, and ground coffee is put into the portafilter and compressed. This ensures that there is as little air in it as possible.

The machine is then switched on, and steam is produced until a certain pressure is reached. This hot compressed steam is then forced through the coffee. This technique extracts all of the coffee flavour, which is why espressos are much stronger than filtered coffee.

Coffee Pods

Delonghi coffee machines now include those which use coffee pods, and in this case it is called Nespresso. Each pod contains ground coffee, and these days there is now a wide range available of different strengths. In fact, you can now use these machines for making tea, hot chocolate, and whatever else is supplied in a pod. Each pod is pre-compacted so it is ready for use. Each pod does just the one drink.

The pod is placed in the machine and then it is switched on. The machine then goes to work and the coffee is ready not long after. It is then just a case of throwing the pod away, and inserting the next pod in order to make another drink. This is the easiest and quickest way of making filter coffee, and also the cleanest, however this does mean that each cup would cost more than using the two types of machines above.